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ChurchInfo is a free church database program to help churches track members, families, groups, pledges and payments. Our feature set is comparable to expensive church management software packages. Our users are supported by an open-source community of people who volunteer their time and energy to make this technology available to all churches.

Naturally Networked

ChurchInfo runs on any server that supports PHP and mySQL. The server may be in-house or at an ISP anywhere on the Internet. Any number of people may access the database simultaneously.



A family is a group of people who are treated as a unit. The obvious example would be a married couple and perhaps their children. The family members do not need to have the same last name, but they should live at the same address to receive newsletters and financial statements. Pledges and payments are tracked by family. Some churches call a Family a “Pledging Unit”.



A person is an individual associated with the church. A Person can be a member of a Family, and a person can also be a member of one or more Groups. A Person has individual contact information, such as a cell phone number and an email address. A Person also has a relationship with the church as “Member”, or “Guest”.



A group is a collection of people, such as the choir or the stewardship committee. Groups have many uses. Here are a few ideas: committees, church school classes, covenant groups, baby sitters. The possibilities are endless. ChurchInfo makes it easy to contact all the members of a group by letter or email.


Pledges and Payments

Pledges and Payments are tracked for each fiscal year, with automated support for reminder letters. There is also automated support for generating donation acknowledgement letters for tax purposes based on the calendar year. The entry of payments is highly automated, with support for check and credit card scanners, automated deposit slip printing and electronic submission of credit card and EFT payments.


Volunteer Tracking

ChurchInfo allows you to create “Volunteer Opportunities” like baking, lawn-mowing, babysitting, letter-stuffing, etc. These opportunities may be assigned to people, making it easy to locate them when the need arises.



Access to financial data may be restricted to one or just a few individual users as appropriate. Most users just need access to the Person, Group and Family information to look up phone numbers, generate address labels and send email.



The latitude/longitude coordinates of each Family may be used to plot the congregation on a map, or to find the nearest neighbors in the congregation for a particular family.


Canvass Automation

ChurchInfo provides support for conducting an every-member canvass, and capturing the results in the database. The canvassers receive briefing sheets with information about each family to be contacted. During or after the contact the canvasser enters comments in the database.


Sunday School Support

Classes may be defined as Groups with roles “Teacher”, “Student”, “Liaison”, and then special Sunday School reports may be used to generate class lists and attendance sheets.

Starting a Facebook Group

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After you have created you new Facebook profile and found a couple of friends the next step is learning about groups. Groups can be started for any reason reunions, prayer needs, memorials, churches or missionaries are just a couple of examples. Once you create your group it opens a number of new options to your users. You can now create topics which allows people to post on a common topic. Upload video; post pictures, post general comments to the wall and send messages to the entire group for updates. There is one limitation and that is once your group reaches 5,000 people the option to message the group is disabled. If you reach 5,000 people in your group you should consider a website if you haven’t already created one. See the video below to lead you step by step to create a group in Facebook.

72 Programs For A Freeware Only PC

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Here is a great list of free programs broken down by category. Great starting point for any church or ministry.

Freeware Mission

Setting up your Facebook profile

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Starting a Facebook account

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Social networking has been around for years. The most popular of these being Facebook and Myspace. As we push forward this year we will be training churches and ministries how to leverage this technology to spread the gospel message. Currently I have account setup on both networks and without a doubt for the purpose of comunication and networking Facebook wins.  To that note the first thing to do is to get you started with a Facebook account. I found this video that leads you step-by-step on how to create a Facebook account.

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